Strength through Sharing
Looking for ways to improve your company’s results?
Welcome to the B4B Alliance, a member based community of independently owned businesses working together to improve the performance and increase the profits of each member business through a network of shared resources and shared knowledge.

The B4B Alliance helps its members grow and prosper by sharing expenses and relationships. You may have equipment not running all day, a building at less-than capacity, or personnel that are under-utilized. You may have staff or facilities that are maxed out but you are not in a position to add additional head count or assets. Our sharing model addresses all of these issues.
The B4B Alliance members practice the concept of shared resources, resulting in real bottom line profit increases. Our members enjoy the benefits of a strategy that converts fixed costs to more efficient variable expenses.

At The B4B Alliance, we not only share physical resources and personnel, we share a company's most valuable asset; intellectual capital. Our members have access to best practices and years of knowledge and experience brought to the table by the members of the B4B community.

Join the B4B Alliance. We're working together to
grow business and ensure our long-term success.